I am 35-year old engineer with a master’s degree in business administration who gathered 18 years of experience in software engineering, strategic research and business analysis.
I am interested in roles that require product crafting and some technical skills. These roles include: business analysis, business development, business intelligence, strategic planning, product design, product owner, product manager.
I am currently based in Timisoara, Romania and available for travel up to 30% of working time. I am open to work remotely as a contractor or project-based. However, I am not willing to relocate.


Canon Business Services / Worldwide / Business Services / March 2013 - Present
Description: global provider of consultancy for information management and document management solutions (outsourced or in-house)
Role: Business analyst within a multicultural strategy & research team; delivering insightful reports with regards to market dynamics, competitors, new geographies and potential M&A targets in the areas of Document Outsourcing and Multichannel Customer Communications. Reports are targeted at worldwide Canon sales executives, business developers and operational managers
Key Concepts: Business Process Outsourcing, Managed Print Services, business intelligence, competition strategy, country scan, services positioning, financial analysis, market sizing, market trends, market share, delivery capabilities, mergers and acquisitions
Alcatel-Lucent / Europe, Middle-East & Africa / Telecommunications / January 2010 - February 2013
Description: Creating winning B2B proposals based on Alcatel-Lucent's applications products, mostly OSS/BSS, Next Generation IN and Real Time Converged Payment solutions. Projects range from 100k€ up to 50M€
Role: Technical offer lead, coordinating the technical presales activities: hardware dimensioning, point-to-point technical compliance, software customizations, third-party licenses, warranty, professional services, commissioning, on-site support, project governance, maintenance and trainings. Offer approval meetings and bid defence meetings usually required that the technical offer lead arbitrates between product managers and the sales teams.
Key concepts: incoterms, bid management, taxes, negotiation strategy, profitability, Project Income Strategy
Deltatel / Romania / Telecommunications / January 2007 - December 2009
Role: Level 2 remote technical support for installing and maintaining Alcatel-Lucent VAS solutions (OSS/BSS): WAP Gateway, MMS Centre/Relay and Charging Proxy
Technologies: High Availability Red Hat Linux, channel bonding, TCP/IP traces, RADIUS Authentication, LDAP, Fastcache database, SNMP, PostgreSQL, WAP, MMS, MM1, MM7, data charging, billing, Proxy Framework, Push Access Protocol, Push Proxy Gateway, Intelligent Network, Call Detail Record (CDR), XML, shell scripting, Wireshark/Ethereal protocol analyzer, IPTables, HP DL360 and DL380 Servers
Siemens VDO / Worldwide / Automotive / 2003
Description: The Process, Methods, Tools and Quality team creates and maintains tools used by developers to compile their embedded software for the Electronic Control Units
Role: Developed intranet pages and Content Management Systems using Javascript, Perl ASP and MsSQL


AroundTM / Romania / Tourism / 2015 - Present
Description: web & mobile portal that aggregates all public events happening in Timișoara, Romania from various sources: Facebook (pages, profiles & groups), official websites, news sites & portals. Backend automated workers: web parser, Facebook Graph API interface, event validator, placeholder generator, duplicate filtering and prioritization, category filtering, recommendations / featured events, REST API. Event validation is done using geographical coordinates, pattern-matching, whitelists and blacklists for event names, locations and owners
Role: Founder, architect, Django backend & frontend developer
Technologies: Ubuntu Linux, MySQL, Python, Django, Model–view–controller - MVC, PyCharm, BeautifulSoup, Tastypie, REST API, Facebook Graph API, Google Custom API, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Bitbucket
Timishort / Romania / Entertainment / 2011 - present
Description: Web portal for Timishort International Film Festival
Role: Content management and maintenance
Technologies: Wordpress, HTML, CSS
Monoshoes / Romania / E-commerce / 2016
Description: local custom-shoe manufacturer
Role: Opencart customisation, LibraPay and PayPal payments, EU VAT number validation, integration, deployment and maintenance
GoJump / United Kingdom / Sports / 2016
Description: GoJump at The AFF School is a Freefall parachuting school.
Role: Customisation, integration, deployment and maintenance
Technologies: WordPress, HTML, CSS
HearPlay / USA / Entertainment / 2015
Agency: Perfect 10
Description: music game and virtual world where players are rewarded for sharing, listening to and helping to sell music.
Role: Testing, debugging and implementing optimisations for mobile devices (iPad/Safari)
Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Github, Slack
Makeup by Oana / Romania / Fashion&Beauty / 2014
Description: Make-up artist portfolio presentation
Role: Customisation, integration, deployment and maintenance
Technologies: WordPress, HTML, CSS
Association of American Renters / USA / Real Estate / 2013
Agency: Perfect 10
Description:AAR provides benefits and insurance to renters. This platform manages its members and insurances across properties and property groups.
Role: Frontend & backend programming
Technologies: Python, Django, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Heroku, Github, Basecamp
SlickFlick / United Kingdom / Entertainment / 2012
Agency: Perfect 10
Description: mobile storyboard-sharing platform start-up based in London
Role: The SlickFlick team structure was flat (6 team-members) - we actively participated in competition analysis, product development and product strategy.
As a software developer I was coding, testing and maintaining the frontend javascript webviewer and the backend API necessary to support our iPhone application. We were using agile software development with 2 weeks sprints.
Technologies: Ubuntu/Debian Linux, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, MVC, Aptana (Eclipse), PyCharm, PyDev, Tastypie, REST, OAUTH2, Amazon EC2 and S3, Heroku, SendGrid, APNS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Facebook Graph API, Jira, Github, Twitter API
Restodent / Romania / Healthcare / 2011
Description: Dental office presentation website
Role: Customisation, integration, deployment and maintenance
Technologies: Wordpress, HTML, PHP, CSS
Hotel Silva / Romania / Hospitality / 2010
Description: Hotel presentation web-site and online booking
Role: Customisation, integration, deployment and maintenance
Technologies: Wordpress, HTML, PHP, CSS
BDN | MATRIX / Romania / Advertising / 2009 - 2012
Description: cross-promotion indoor advertising network
Role: As a Co-founder and business analyst I was responsible for market & competition analysis and for the E2E product development by continuously reshaping our services.
As a PHP backend developer I was designing, coding, testing and maintaining the ERP platform necessary to operate and monitor the ads network. The ERP platform includes modules such as: Sales Force Automation - SFA, Customer relationship management - CRM, logistics (companies, locations, panels, posters, barters, scheduling, field operations), invoicing and reports. We were using agile software development with a 4 to 14 days sprint.
Technologies: Fedora Linux, MySQL, PHP, Model–view–controller - MVC, Symfony Framework, Propel ORM, YAML, Netbeans, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS, HTML
Atuu imobiliar / Romania / Real Estate / 2006
Description: Customer Relationship Management software designed for real-estate companies to manage their offers, customers and business leads
Role: As Co-Founder and Account Manager I was responsible for business development, Business-to-business (B2B) sales, customer mediation and product development. As the product Atuu Imobiliar was new on the market, I have participated at its launching and beta testing with some of our customers. Job also involved tendering and contract negotiation.
Technologies: Debian & Fedora Linux, MySQL, PHP, HTML, AJAX
Atuu conect / Romania / Tourism / 2005
Description: CRM software for travel agencies to keep in touch with their customers, advertise their products and discover new business leads. Solution included powerful multichannel communication tools such as targeted marketing campaign manager (Mail, Fax, SMS, E-mail).
Role: Co-founder, Business Development, programming, account management
Technologies: Debian & Fedora Linux, MySQL, PHP, C, Visual C++, HTML, SMS, FAX, shell scripting, VoIP, LAN, IP routing
Kannel / Worldwide / IT / 2002
Agency: Goodsoft / Wapme Systems
Description: Implementing the Multimedia Messaging Service in Kannel open-source Wap and SMS Gateway by following the Open Mobile Alliance standardization documents and testing on the first MMS-capable mobile terminals on the market: Nokia 7650 and Ericsson T68i (pre-released for validation purposes only).
Role: as a team leader, I was responsible to define project milestones, manage the tasks, roles and responsibilities of the team members and creating daily reports for the customer. As the MMS technology was new at that time, we had to create the architecture of the MMS Center/Relay based on OMA specifications.
Technologies: Red Hat Linux, C, WAP, MMS, SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language)
Aidoo / Germany / IT / 2002
Agency: Goodsoft / Wapme Systems
Description: Aidoo Shop was a portal for delivering logo and ring tones to mobile terminals through Wap protocol. Meet People was a mobile dating and flirt service using SMS, Web and Wap. People could create an account, upload photos and communicate with other users. it was close to a modern on-line social network.
Role: Software Developer (Mobile Applications Portal)
Technologies: FreeBSD, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, Oracle iFS, Java Servlets, Java Applets, JSP, WAP, WML, Dreamweaver, Nokia Toolkit, JBuilder, JDeveloper, Struts
Pfizer / Worldwide / Healthcare / 2001
Agency: Goodsoft
Role: Developed and automated script to generate the products catalogue section of Pfizer's website from raw text files
Technologies: HTML, PHP, MySQL
Virtual Restaurant / Romania / Hospitality / 2000
Description: Started as a high-school project and developed together with a colleague, this e-shop had become the first virtual restaurant from Romania. The e-shop had revolutionary features such as custom hamburger creation and automated order billing in the back-office. Project was well known at the time and rewarded with several awards in regional and national software contests.
Role: Together with my colleague, we first created the concept, did the software and database architecture and implementation. We built a business plan and we marketed the site as a service. After on-site customer implementation (front-office and back-office) we implemented an advertising campaign together with our partner, the Millenium Restaurant.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML


Advanced Business Strategy / University of Virginia / 2016
Tools to perform a comprehensive evaluation and understand the strategy dynamics of an industry: Competitive Lifecycle, Internationalization and Stakeholder Analyses, and Diversification Matrices.
Cultural Differences and its Consequences / itim International / 2016
Cultural training based on Hofstede’s Model of National Cultural Differences: power distance, individualism / collectivism, masculinity / femininity, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation.
Communicating to influence / Corporate Performance / 2010
Communicating to influence training is focused on a pro-active attitude, language, body language, personality, emotional intelligence, communication behaviours (dominate, adapt, avoid, compromise and collaborate), e-mail communication rules, assertiveness, responsibility, feedback, feed-forward, conflict and time management.
Proposal fundamentals training / Strategic Proposals / 2010
Proposal fundamentals is a comprehensive course that includes tips and tricks for writing winning first-class proposals. Subjects covered include: storyboarding, pricing, content optimization, content design, managing the bid and the proposal team.
Sales Excellence: Account Management (Enterprise Selling Process) & Opportunity Management (Target Account Selling) / The TAS Group / 2010
The Dealmaker Sales Performance Automation platform encapsulates sales learning, sales methodology, sales process, sales forecast and sales performance reporting in an easy-to-use on-demand application.
Master in Business Administration-Executive / "Politehnica" University of Timisoara / Romania / 2008
Mentor: Anghel TAROATA
Final thesis: e-Business Models in Romania (Download PDF / PPT)
Key concepts: marketing, human resources, information and operations management, strategic management, reengineering business processes, knowledge management and negotiation, quality management, corporate finance, career management, sales strategies, team and project management
Alcatel-Lucent trainings / 2007 - 2013
Basic trainings for Fixed and Mobile Networks and detailed technical/sales trainings for Alcatel-Lucent’s applications portfolio
Computer Engineer / Faculty of Automation and Computers / "Politehnica" University of Timisoara / Romania / 2006
Mentor: Mircea VLADUTIU
Final thesis: Quality of Service in Voice over IP Networks is an experimental study of testing overall call quality (H.323 and SIP) with Hammer Call Analyzer over different network types. (Download PDF / Powerpoint)
Rotary New Generation Exchange (The Netherlands) - Internship for Housenet (real estate software), Planoform (real estate development), GKO (hardware and printers maintenance) and K+V (business development)
1st prize for the best technical construction in the German robotics contest Design Challenge 2004 - Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Participation in the finals of the Communication Contest (Public Relations section) with the project Corporate Social Responsibility for Orange Romania
Member of the jury committee of the contest “Noi Info” Timişoara, WEB Pages section
EMPRETEC Training / United Nations / Romania / 2004
EMPRETEC is an integrated capacity-building programme in the area of SMEs and entrepreneurial skills promotion. It is dedicated to helping promising entrepreneurs put their ideas into action and fledgling businesses to grow
Programmer / The Computer High School Grigore Moisil / Romania / 2001
Mentor: Dorin MANZ
CISCO Systems CCNA Certificate
Won various prizes at national software programming and software creativity contests; participated in the ACM Programming Contest (South-eastern Europe)
Technologies: FoxPro, BASIC, Pascal, C, C++, HTML, WML, CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Delphi
Resume printed in February 2018 • For complete CV, visit www.rusoaie.com from a laptop or desktop computer